“Vision Science Labs was introduced to our clinic at an instrumental time - when we pivoted to offering only telehealth services from Shelter In Place. It was easy to use, accessible from multiple types of devices, visually engaging for our patients of all ages, and an effective remote vision therapy tool. We still continue to use it frequently for both telehealth and in-office use given the versatility of having accommodation, vergence, and visual perceptual, tracking, and efficiency activities all in one platform. Our doctors also enjoy the added benefit of being able to monitor our patients' home performance and it has been fully incorporated into our catalog of therapy and rehabilitation procedures.”

Dr. Debora M. Lee Chen, OD, MPH, FAAO Co-Chief, Berkeley Optometry: Binocular Vision Clinic

“I only want what is best for my patients, and doing what is best for the patient is mutually beneficial.  Life is busy and soccer practice can easily take precedence over vision therapy sessions.  Vision Science Labs provides a way for busy people to do the best thing for their eyes without interfering with life's busy schedule.  They offer affordability and flexibility.  This program is WONDERFUL.  I have been practicing Optometry and doing Vision Therapy for over 20 years.  I have done in-office therapy,  other computerized vision therapy programs, researched apps for the ipad,  printed binders full of handouts, and even made activities available for patient use on my website--and nothing compares to Vision Science Labs.  They offer Vergences, Ocular Motor, and Visual Perception all in the same program....AND you are even able to turn on evaluation mode, to measure baselines.  They include an in-clinic option so that you can use the program in your office, or just show the patient what it would be like if they purchased it.  I find that parents are more likely to purchase the program once they see that their kids like it--and they always like it.  The activities are fun! I love the flexibility that I have as the prescribing doctor.  The practitioner is able to choose which activities the patient does, for how long, at what challenge level, and with or without suppression. The variety of patients that would benefit from the program is unlimited.   It provides options for Convergence issues, tracking issues, peripheral awareness, sports training, and traumatic brain injuries.  It is user and practitioner friendly and help is only a chat box away.  It truly has transformed the way that I practice, and has given my patients much success.”

Dr. Theresa Rua, OD Kidz Vision Optometry

“The Vision Science Labs (VSL) software has been amazing in our clinic. We are a private practice located in Southern California and we treat basic VT. We have been searching for an updated version of an at-home vision therapy treatment system since all the other programs we have used were outdated. This made it difficult to get patients to stay motivated to complete the 2-6 month program. When I discovered VSL from a colleague, I was contacted right away from Edward. He was very professional and set up a short webinar to show me how to use the program. With the other competitors, I just had to "figure it out" on my own which interestingly enough, isn't always self explanatory. Within a matter of 30 minutes I understood how to work the software and was able to come up with a plan for how I would implement it in my practice. My practice is mostly general/medical optometry with a small niche for binocular vision and dry eye issues. I see patients weekly for in office vision therapy and then send them home with daily assignments from the VSL program. This program is modern, easy to use, and is highly effective. Part of the reason it is so effective is because of compliance. My patients are actually engaged in the activities because it mimics modern day games. For any general optometrists out there, no longer do you have to recommended pencil push ups to treat convergence insufficiency. You can sell the program to your patients to do at home and then check in on them as you see fit.”

Dr. Brian Nguyen, OD New Vision Optometry

“Vision Science Labs makes it easy to create a patient assignment, modify levels and check vision skill progress. It is like they say, advanced therapeutic care for home use and works well for telemedicine appointments. I like the new graphing of scores to evaluate patient progress.”

Lisa Knopp, COVT Chief Vision Therapist: Hope Vision Clinic

“VSL is so easy to setup and use and my patients love it! There is no way I could ever go back to HTS.”

Kim McLane Vision Therapist: Rising Star Optometry